Factors affecting compliance on oral contraceptive pills among mothers in selected barangays in Imus, Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Compliance, Mothers, Contraceptives, Oral


This study utilized a non-experimental descriptive type of research. Purposive sampling was utilized in the selection of respondents. A self-made questionnaire was used. Frequency distribution, percentage, mean, t-test and f-test were used to answer the specific problems and test the hypothesis of the study. The study concluded that, 1) Most of the respondents are between the ages 24-29 years old, married, professed Catholic, high school graduate and have a monthly income of P10,000 and below; 2) The respondents agree that patient-related factors, drug-related factors and health worker-related factors affect their compliance to oral contraceptive pills; 3) There are no significant differences in the factors affecting the compliance to oral contraceptive pills when respondents are grouped according to age, civil status, religion, employment status, educational attainment and month family income.

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