A home far away from home : reflections of teenage orphans living in Mama's Hope Haven

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Orphans, Child, Orphaned


This study used qualitative phenomenological research. Twelve (12) teenagers living in Mama’s Hope Haven were chosen as the participants using purposive or judgmental sampling technique. Qualitative data was obtained through a recorded in-depth interview of the participants and observation of their non-verbal cues. Follow-up questions were asked to clarify ideas and help in extraction of meanings. The interviews were recorded using audiotapes and were transcribed verbatim. Significant statements were extracted and meanings were drawn and analyzed using Colaizzi’s phenomenological approach. The study concluded that the different stories and life experiences inside and outside the orphanage of the teenage orphans living in Mama's Hope Haven reflect the huge difference between them and those living in the streets or those living with their family. The teenagers managed to survive despite many life struggles and found a new life that was far better than what they have before and free from fear and danger. Some of the benefits enjoyed by the teengars inside the Haven were being able to eat more than three (3) times a day, having more than a dozen people staying 24/7 whom they consider as their new brothers and sisters, being able to have new parents who are sensitive to their needs and ready to provide them with their basic desire anytime the needs arise, and being able to study and enjoy their life the way it is supposed to be enjoyed by people their age. Compassion is a virtue that seriously takes the reality of other persons, specifically their inner lives, their emotions and their external circumstances. It is an active disposition toward fellowship, sharing, and supportive companionship in distress or in woe. It is the virtue instilled in the heart of the teenagers who someday would also experience having a family of their own.

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