A study on the factors affecting clinical performance of B.S.N. Class '90 of De La Salle University - E.A.C.

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Clinical Competence, Nurses


This study utilized the survey method. The subjects were the fourth year nursing students Class ’90 of DLSU-EAC. Twenty-five (25) students each from Section 1 and Section 2 were drawn using simple random sampling technique. There were 50 respondents out of the total population of 90 students. Data was obtained using the Information Sheet, general average of the clinical performance in nursing practice, and general average of the students in lectures in nursing in the previous years. Data was analyzed through percentage, mean and standard deviation. The study concludes that, 1) On clinical performance/practicum affecting intellectual and non-intellectual factors, clinical performance is affected by the intellectual factors. Majority are affected by the intellectual factors, where academic achievement had the strongest influence in the practicum. 2) On problems perceived by the students in clinical practicum as brought about by the factors, majority of the students perceived more problems in terms of intellectual factors than non-intellectual factors; 3) On the relationship between intellectual and non-intellectual factors and clinical practicum/performance, intellectual factors are significantly related to clinical practicum of the students while non-intellectual factors are not related to clinical performance of the students.

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