Perceived reasons affecting the drop-out of pulmonary tuberculosis patients enrolled under the directly treatment short course (DOTS) program in selected rural health units in Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Tuberculosis, Rural Health Services, Public Health, Health Promotion


The quantitative, non-experimental research utilized the purposive sampling technique. Six (6) rural health units participated where there are 38 pulmonary tuberculosis patients who dropped out of the DOTS program, which was identified by 18 rural health workers. Perceived reasons were gathered through a researcher-made questionnaire that was filled up and answered by the rural health workers. Frequency was the statistical tool used. The study concluded that, among the 23 reasons identified by the rural health workers, the top 3 reasons were 1) they stopped their treatment because they feel better even if they did not engage in 4-6 months of treatment; 2) they are tired of taking lots of different pills for a long time and; 3) it affects their regular work whenever they go the health center. The 3 lowest ranked reasons were 1) they stopped because the staff in the health center are not friendly; 2) he/she did not understand clearly the instruction/s of the nurse regarding the DOTS program and; 3) his/her family did not allow him/her to go to the health center.

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