An evaluation of level III nursing students of De La Salle University-Emilio Aguinaldo College 1991-1992 on the performance rating tool used in the clinical area

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Clinical Comptentence, Students, Nursing, Clinical, Nurse Clinicians


The descriptive method was used in this study. A questionnaire was constructed to gather data. The third year nursing students of De La Salle University-Emilio Aguinaldo College, Cavite in school year 1991-1992 were selected as respondents using purposive sampling technique. Mean was used for data analysis. The study concluded that the most common difficulty identified by the students was having limited opportunities in the ward, followed by recalling a 3-week long performance and giving an honest evaluation. The least common difficulty identified was the vagueness, generality and subjectivity of some items. The items in the evaluation tool were perceived to be highly relevant to the clinical practice of students. Though the students rated the items to be highly relevant, there were difficulties encountered in using the evaluation tool and this greatly affects the student perception and attitude toward the tool.

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