Knowledge on pregnancy and its relationship to compliance to prenatal care of adolescent pregnant mother

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Pregnancy, Prenatal Care, Adolescent


The study used the descriptive method of research. A sample of 30 adolescent pregnant mothers from selected community health centers in Imus, Cavite and Marilac Hills Institution in Alabang were drawn using convenience sampling technique. The questionnaire was adapted from Dobson and Lang’s Prenatal Care was utilized and the statistical tests applied in the study were mean, Spearman Correlation Coefficient, Kruskal Wallis One-Way ANOVA and Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test. The study concluded that, 1) Majority of the respondents were aged 19-20 years old, had a high school education, came from Luzon, with parental support system and were Catholic; 2) All areas in knowledge on pregnancy were agreed on. The highest mean was obtained in drinking milk, taking vitamins and minerals, support from health professionals and perineal care, respectively. This is in view of massive campaign to promote health; 3) Overall good compliance is noted. The highest mean obtained was on the drinking milk, maintaining open communication, perineal care and support from the father of the baby. This is in connection to areas that respondents agreed to knowledge on pregnancy; 4) Knowledge on pregnancy in terms of age and ethnic background was noted to have a significant relationship. This is in connection with environmental exposure and developmental stage; 5) Compliance to prenatal care was noted to have a significant relationship with regards to age, educational attainment, ethnic background and support system. Sister Callista Roy’s adaptation theory supports this result, which views an individual as an open system; 6) Knowledge on pregnancy and compliance to prenatal care of pregnant adolescent mothers had an overall significant relationship. Those who had proper education applied their knowledge to maintain optimal health.

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