A comparative study on coping strategies utilized by single males & females facing midlife crisis

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Adaptation, Psychological, Single Person


This study utilized the descriptive-quantitative type of research. Questionnaire was distributed to 25 single male and 25 single female respondents selected using purposive sampling technique. Data was gathered, tabulated and analyzed using frequency, mean, t-test, f-test and ANOVA. The study concluded that: 1) Most single middle adults are high school graduates, have blue collar jobs and with a monthly income ranging P4,001-P8,000; 2) Respondents cope differently depending on the various aspects. 3) In facing midlife crisis, female respondents can cope better in terms of physical and spiritual aspects than male respondents; 4) Single male and female respondents cope on different ways depending on their educational background, occupation and economic status.

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