A study of different management techniques used for sexual dysfunction

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Sexual Dysfunction, Physiological, Sexual Dysfunction, Psychological


This study used the descriptive, non-experimental type of research. A sample of 60 respondents comprising of clients with erectile dysfunction were drawn using the convenience sampling technique. The questionnaires and records of the clients were utilized and the statistical tests applied in the study were frequency distribution and rank test or ANOVA. The conclusions of the study are the following: 1) Most of the respondents belong to the age bracket of 28 -34 years of age, Catholic, middle class and college graduates; 2) The most commonly used medical management technique is the use of oral administration. Surgical techniques were never used by the respondents. In terms of psychological techniques, intracavenosal therapy was commonly used; 3) There was no significant difference in the medical, surgical, and psychological management techniques used for clients with erectile dysfunction when they are grouped according to age, religion, economic status, and educational background.

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