From learners to educators : a group case study of new graduate nurses turned educators

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Nursing Education, Faculty, Nursing


The case study approach of qualitative research was utilized. The study was conducted in De La Salle Health Sciences Campus and Centro Escolar University, College of Nursing and Midwifery. Information was obtained from six (6) new graduate nurses turned nurse educators after few months or a year of graduating and passing the licensure examination and have been practicing the profession for not more than two (2) years. Participants were selected using purposive sampling technique. The researchers personally interviewed the participants using a tape recorder. Data was analyzed through Colaizzi’s method. The study concludes that the experiences of the participants in the transitional process from being college nursing students to nurse educators is important in understanding how a person crosses to a new kind of life and real life situations. Through understanding and analyzing their experiences, one can see that it is a transitional process where life can sometimes be very unpredictable.

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