A case study of a palliative nurse

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Palliative Nursing


The purpose of this study was to describe the career development and experience of a nurse taking care of patients in a palliative setting using the case study method. The participant who was chosen to take part in the study was selected based on the following criteria: a) Registered Nurse in the Philippines; b) currently working in a palliative setting; c) and able to participate in the study. Data analysis started during interviews and continued until transcriptions, when recurring themes, patterns, and categories became evident. Being a palliative nurse is a job that requires commitment to service and passion to help, to love, to understand and to care for other people. A palliative nurse must be willing to go beyond what he/she is tasked to do. He/she gives life at the verge of death and gives hope to provide patients with a peaceful death. With this study, the researchers were able to understand what it takes to be a palliative nurse.

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