The effects of preoperative health teaching to the anxiety level of patients who will undergo major surgery

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Anxiety, Surgery


The study used the before-after experimental design. Thirty-three (33) preoperative patients chosen using purposive sampling technique served as the respondents of the study. The research instrument used was the adapted and modified Spielberger’s (1973) State Trait Anxiety Inventory. It is a 30-item questionnaire, self-report assessment device which was conceptualized for measuring the level of anxiety of the respondents. Data was analyzed through percentage, mean, f-test or ANOVA and Chi-square test. The study concluded that, 1) Majority of the respondents were in the middle adulthood, has reached high school and college, Roman Catholic and had surgery history; 2) The respondents exhibited mild anxiety before the preoperative health teaching; 3) The respondents exhibited mild anxiety in lesser degree after the preoperative health teaching; 4) Preoperative health teaching is an effective intervention to decrease the anxiety level of preoperative patients.

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