Life of forensic nurses : a case study

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Forensic Nursing


Qualitative research using phenomenological approach was used. The participants who were registered forensic nurses practicing their profession for several years were selected using purposive or judgmental sampling technique. Three (3) forensic nurses were interviewed. Colaizzi’s phenomenological methodology was used in the data analysis using a tape recorder. The study concluded that, the forensic nurses provide professional and compassionate evidence collection for sexual assault victims, ensure that evidence is collected according to premium standards to protect the interests of both the alleged victims and accused, and provide follow up care in the emotional aspects of the victim. Violence against women and children has always been a pressing issue in our society. The number of rape and incest cases has immensely increased. The cycle of battery and abuse done to women and children is yet to be broken. A forensic nurse comes into the picture to help the victims of this exploitation. Together with the forensic team, they work hand in hand to solve and bring justice to one who warrants it. Forensic nursing is a field that is yet to be discovered. It is an interesting and challenging field to future nurses. If only the education board of the Philippines would include this as a part of a college curriculum, only then would forensic nursing be formally recognized.

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