A glimpse in the lives of overweight female teenagers

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Overweight, Adolescent


The qualitative research design was used in the study. Seven (7) informants from selected areas in Cavite were identified using purposive sampling technique. Data was obtained through a face-to-face interview of participants and observation of non-verbal manifestations like the informant’s gestures, facial expressions, and other manifestations during the interview. The researchers transcribed the tape-recorded interviews verbatim. The transcriptions were analyzed using Colaizzi’s method. The study concluded that overweight female teenagers experienced physical and emotional problems. In the stage of searching for their own identity, they have to face being stigmatized by some people around them, such as those who place a great value on slimness and perceive being overweight as ugly and negative. Overweight female teenagers are just like any other normal teenagers who need respect, love and acceptance in the society which they are a part of.

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