The hearing heart a phenomenological study of adolescent with hearing impairment using hearing aids

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Persons With Hearing Impairments


This study used qualitative research design. Qualitative data was obtained through in-depth interview of the participants and observation of their non-verbal cues as well as how they interacted and communicated with their classmates, peers and teachers. Follow-up questions were used as necessary to clarify ideas and to help in extracting meanings. Taped interviews were transcribed verbatim. Significant statements were extracted, meanings were drawn and analyzed using Colaizzi’s phenomenological approach. Using purposive sampling technique, the study was conducted at the Philippine Institute for the Dead located in Pandancan, Manila. The study had six (6) participants from the said institution, who willingly and actively participated in this research. The study concluded that the lived experiences of the adolescents using hearing aids were varied in such a way that they were able to share common experiences but with individual realities distinctly unique from the other. Each of the participants was able to share information, ideas and some significant experiences in their life. Through this, the researchers found out that their experiences in life have some similarities compared with the experiences of the other participants. The researchers also realized that their way of living had similarities in the way adolescents without hearing impairment live. The other family members were able to support them and accept their personalities. Like other adolescents, they also encountered problems which cannot be avoided, but the support system they had made them cope positively with their situation.

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