The first operating room exposure of nursing students: the lived experiences

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Operating Room Nursing


Qualitative data was obtained through a recorded in-depth interview of the informants and observation of their non-verbal cues during the conduct of interview. Tape interviews were faithfully transcribed verbatim. Fifty-six (56) significant statements were extracted and meanings were drawn and analyzed using Colazzi’s phenomenological approach. This qualitative study was participated by 12 informants who were chosen based on their personal experience during their first operating room exposure and willingness to participate in the study through purposive sampling technique. The study concluded that, others considered it as an exciting and enriching experience while others saw the experience as threatening. It was evident that other members of the health team were considered as catalyst of leaning or stumbling blocks in the learning process. The experience was regarded as self-fulfilling and made them realize the value of life.

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