Teenage father: a close look

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Adolescent, Fathers


The study used the phenomenological approach of qualitative research. The participants were interviewed using tape recorder. The actual interviews were transcribed verbatim. The researchers used the Colazzi’s method in analyzing the data. Using purposive sampling technique, the study involved male teenagers residing in Cavite who impregnated girls in adolescence stage (12 to 19 age group). Only those who impregnated women for the first time and fathered a child were included in the study regardless of civil status (separated, cohabiting or married after the sexual act). The study concluded that there are many factors that influenced the teenage male to engage in premarital sex. The teenage fathers have different reactions upon knowing the situation of their partners. This situation resulted to a change in the lifestyle of the participants, wherein there are participants who became responsible in providing for their new family while there are others whose support system, such as their parents and other relatives, helped them through their journey becoming fathers.

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