Venturing into the nurses-patient interaction experience : the nurses perspective

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Nurse-Patient Relations


This research study used the phenomenological approach of qualitative research. The researchers personally interviewed the participants using a tape recorder then transcribed the outcome of the interview verbatim. Data was analyzed using Colaizzi’s (1978) method of data analysis. Seven (7) nurses of De La Salle University Medical Center and four (4) staff nurses of Jose P. Rizal Hospital National Medical Research Center who had experiences in nurse-patient interaction were chosen and interviewed, regardless of their age, sex, religion and years of service. Purposive sampling technique was utilized to choose respondents. The study concluded that from the themes that emerged, the experiences of nurses during the nurse-patient interaction were varied in such a way that they were able to share common experiences but with individual realities distinctly unique from the other. The phenomenological concept was realized in such a way that the participants were able to share multiple realities, describe different experiences and have produced unique reactions and meanings within the same research phenomena. Through NPI, nurses were able to appreciate the value of assessment and knowing the patient's needs and condition essential to facilitate the delivery of effective nursing care. It helped nurses to perform self-discovery and self-actualization to know their potentials and weaknesses as nurses.

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