Perception of staff nurses in selected hospitals in the province of Cavite regarding the practice of their profession

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Nurses, Health Occupations


The research design used in this study was the descriptive non-experimental method. The respondents consisted of staff nurses in De La Salle University Medical Center, St. Dominic Medical Center and Dr. Jose P. Rizal Hospital National Medical Research Center. Quota sampling technique was utilized in the selection of respondents. The tool used was a self-made checklist type of questionnaire. In data analysis, the statistical treatments utilized were percentage, t-test, chi-square and f-test. The following conclusions were drawn: 1) Most respondents were females, married, 25 years old and above, ward and pediatric nurses, had 1-3 years working service, and earning P5,000 and above per month; 2) Respondents strongly agreed about the nursing profession (a) locally: have a deep interest with their job, received respect and have a good working relationship within fellow workers (b) internationally: offers a high salary, a way of progress to their career, provide a better future for their family; 3) Age, gender, civil status, length of service, monthly income, and specialization were not predictors of the perception of staff nurses regarding the practice of their profession.

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