The capacity of computer assisted instruction in the enhancement of learning behavior as perceived by nursing students of De La Salle University Health Sciences Campus Academic Year 2002-2003

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


E-Learning, Computer-assisted instruction


The study used the quantitative descriptive research design. Convenience sampling technique was employed in the selection of the respondents, who were the nursing students of DLSU-HSC with ages from 17 to 20 above and enrolled in the three (3) college levels (second year to fourth year) of the College of Nursing and Midwifery. The instrument used in the study was questionnaire, which was patterned from the study of Adena et al. (1999) entitled “Perceived Attributes of Faculty Members in Relation to the Learning Enhancement Behavior of the Nursing Students of DLSU-HSC”. The statistical treatments used were relative frequency and chi-square test of dependence. The study concluded that computer assisted instructions had the capacity to enhance the learning behavior as perceived by the nursing students of De La Salle University Health Sciences Campus. However, there was no significant difference in the perception of the respondents when they were grouped according to gender, age and college level.

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