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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Food preferences, hypertension


The study utilized the descriptive survey quantitative research design. In this study, the research instrument used was a self-made instrument patterned on the food composition table, food exchange list for Filipinos and Glycemic index which include food items that are usually consumed by Filipinos. In the data analysis, the statistical treatments used were frequency distribution, mean and standard deviation. The following findings were drawn from this study: 1) Out of 75 respondets, 46 or 61% are 18-20 yeaers old, 54 or 72% are male, 38 or 51% have a family income below Php40,000; 2) Fruits with overall mean of 3.61 ranked as the top food preferences of college students with early onset hypertension in selected higher education institutions.

First Advisor

Marjorie Fay P. Sta. Maria