Life in the absence of both parents of Bachelor of Science in Nursing students

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


absentee parents


This study used of the qualitative descriptive method of research. To gather, qualitative data, audio recording of the participants's individul interviews were conducted. At the same time, significant non-verbal cues were observed. The recorded interviews were then transcribed and each verbatim transcription was analyzed using Colaizzi's Descriptive Phenomenological Method. Themes and theme clusters that capture the meanings of the participants' significant statements were then formulated. Using purposive sampling and snowball sampling, the number of participants were 13 which reached data saturation. The study concluded that nursing students who have both absentee parents while studying in college were able realize the importance of surviving alone as they continue with thier life's milestone upon entering the College of Nursing. Despite having both parents physically absent, these nursing students were able to emphasize in their sharing tha they were able face their daily challenges to learning how to stand alone based on their decisions and responsibilities.

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Ma. Lovella M. Aure

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