A comparative study between the effectivity of Bawang, Luya, Sili Liniment and commercial liniment in the alleviation of muscular pain

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Fibromyalgia, Liniments


The quasi-experimental method was used. The study was conducted at Banaba Lejos, Indang Cavite involving 30 respondents, 15 of which were treated with BLS and the other with commercial liniment. Respondents who engaged in a strenuous activity, at least 35-45 years old and experienced muscle pain at the back, upper extremities, gastrocnemius and thigh were selected through purposive sampling technique. Interview and observation were used in the study to gather data. Mean and t-test for independent variables were used to treat data. The study concluded that no significant difference was found between BLS and commercial liniment in terms of duration of treatment while BLS liniment was found to be significantly cheaper than the commercial liniment in terms of cost.

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