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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


communication skills, personality types, learning experiences


This study utilized the descriptive correlational method of research, and its main objective was to gather, describe and document aspects of a situation. The data was gathered through a questionnaire developed by the researchers, validated and evaluated by five (5) of the faculty members with the guidance of their thesis adviser. The instrument was a three-part questionnaire which assessed the perceived personality types and communication skills of the respondents. The study used purposive sampling in choosing the respondents were the B.S. Nursing students of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute who were having their related learning experience as part of their curriculum. The following statistical treatments were used in the study: frequency, percentage, t-test and ANOVA. Based on the results and the data gathered, the researchers formulated the following conclusions: 1) From the 133 total number of the respondents, majority are females, in hospital wards and most of the respondents are fourth year students; 2) Majority of the personality type of the respondents were introvert; 3) Most of the respondents' communication skills are above average; 4) There is no significant difference in the perceived personality ypes of B.S. Nursing students of DLSMHSI when they are grouped according to sex, area of exposure and year level; 5) There is no significant difference in the perceived communication skills of B.S. Nursing students of DLSMHSI when grouped according to sex. However, the results obtained showed that there is a significant difference in the communication skills of the respondents when grouped in terms of area of exposure and year level.

First Advisor

Julieta M. Damian