Perception of high school students regarding unwanted pregnancy

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Pregnancy, Unwanted, Adolescents


This study utilized a descriptive type of research. Respondents were four hundred high school students form first year to fourth year with one hundred students per year level that were currently enrolled in Dasmarinas National High School Year 2012-2013. Stratified random sampling was used as sampling method. The research tool used was a self-made questionnaire and data was analysed using frequency, percentage distribution, mean, t-test and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). Majority of the respondents from Dasmarinas National High School were ages 13 to 14, female, have monthly family income of Php10,000 and below, with parents who are married and Catholic. The respondents have a high level of perception regarding unwanted pregnancy. The respondents have the same perception regarding unwanted pregnancy when grouped according to age, religion, and parents' civil status regarding unwanted pregnancy. However, the respondents have different perception regarding unwanted pregnancy when grouped according to gender, monthly family income and year level.

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