The lived experiences of pediatric oncology staff nurses

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Pediatric Oncology, Nurses


The qualitative research design was utilized, specifically the phenomenological approach. The researchers particularly chose staff nurses as participants of the study who have rendered at least 6 months of service in a pediatric oncology ward. Purposive or judgemental sampling was utilized. The researcher have concluded the working phases of the participants which included how they started their work as pediatric oncology nurses, how they enhanced themselves until they learned to love their work. Most of the respondents did not expect that they will be employed in the pediatric oncology ward because they have a negative perception towards it. Two of the participants assumed that they were placed in the pediatric oncology ward because of their previous experiences. The second conclusion was when the participants learned to adapt and cope with their difficulties in the pediatric oncology ward. Through adapting with the circumstances, the participants were able to master the skills needed in the pediatric oncology ward but more so, the participants learned to love their work because of the rewarding experiences they have encountered.

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