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Bachelor of Science in Nursing




This study sought to explore the experiences of scholars in the College of Nursing in De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute using a qualitative descriptive design. Tape recorded individual interviews with the three (3) male and seven (7) female participants were done to gather qualitative data. The recorded interviews were then transcribed verbatim and each transcription was then analyzed using Colaizzi's seven step process method as a guide. After the data was analyzed, 4 themes were identified. The first theme "Embarking on a Journey" describes the participants' experiences as to how they learned about their relationship, how they applied for their scholarship or how the scholarship was given to them, their initial desire to become a scholar of the institution, and the needed requirements in order to become scholar. The second theme "The Adversaries" presents the different struggles encountered by the scholars throughout their journey as a scholar in the institution. The third theme "The Wind that Blows the Sail" presents the different motivational factors seen present among the scholars which drive them to continuously strive to maintain their scholarship. The last theme "The Joy of a Great Voyage" discusses the fruits being scholar in the institution bring.

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Ma. Jennifer A. Ellema