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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science


COVID-19 is Not Dangerous, Cultural Reason, Current Residence, Fear of Injection, Health/Medical Status, Lack of Information, Not Effective, Not Safe, Religion, Religious Reason, Sex, Side Effects, Tourism Management Students, and Year Level


Vaccine hesitancy is one of the global health challenges the world is facing today, and future economic frontliners such as tourism management students are one of the most affected during this COVID-19 pandemic. This study aims to assess and identify the demographic profile, the factors affecting COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, and the factors’ significant difference in the demographic profile of the tourism management students of De La Salle University-Dasmarinas. An online survey questionnaire through Google Forms was distributed to 257 respondents via simple random sampling. The majority of them were from Cavite (83.3%), Female (82.1%), Roman Catholic (77.8%), First-Year (31.5%), with no comorbidities (96.5%), and fully vaccinated (98.1%). Despite their vaccination status, 95 out of 257 (37%) still said they were hesitant at a point in time, including those who were unvaccinated (0.8%). These 95 respondents continued the survey in which the most frequent factors affecting their vaccine hesitancy were the vaccine’s side effects (85.3%), its safety (52.6%), lack of information (49.5%), and their fear of injection (45.3%). Non-Cavite respondents perceived the vaccine as ineffective than those living inside Cavite (p = .024), and female respondents were more hesitant due to the vaccine’s side effects than men (p = .025). Therefore, further studies on the individual’s residence against the perception of vaccine’s effectiveness and sex against vaccine’s side effects should be done to determine what makes them significant from the others. Various approaches such as educational materials about vaccines and daily statistics for each residence must be employed to alleviate vaccine hesitancy.

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Clarence Witty Mendoza-Fenol