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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science


Internet usage, Academic Performance


As the COVID-19 affects the world, social interactions have been limited. This led to the closure of academic institutions and implementation of virtual learning as students have been isolated from formal and traditional face-to-face learning. Since institutions have been relying on the internet to facilitate distance learning, student’s usage of the internet has increased. As a result, this study aimed to determine the relationship between internet usage to academic performance of medical laboratory science students from the previous school year of 2020 to 2021. A quantitative, non-experimental, correlational study and descriptive data analysis were used to complete this study. The data were gathered from the total of 224 respondents through the use of Internet Addiction Test (IAT) Tool incorporated in google forms. Demographic profile, general weighted average (GWA), and IAT scores were the data gathered and were statistically analyzed using frequency distribution table chi-square test, and Kendall Tau’s correlation test. The data gathering showed that majority of the respondents have a general weighted average of 89-92 with moderate level of internet usage. After the data analysis, it was then concluded that there is no significant relationship between the internet use and academic performance of the BSMLS students. Therefore, this implies that the use of internet has no negative impact on the students’ academic performance.

First Advisor

Amapola DG. Puaso