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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science


helminthiasis, Soil-transmitted helminthiasi, hookworm


The researchers aimed to gauge the level of awareness of the garbage collectors of Imus City, Cavite in hopes of determining whether they are knowledgeable of the means of protecting themselves and recommending on establishing measures for its reduction and prevention since they are considered as vulnerable population. From a total population of 150, the researchers selected 109 respondents using simple random sampling and fishbowl technique. Consistent with the descriptive research design, the researchers utilized a questionnaire patterned and modified from a related study of Zakai, (2007), which aimed to determine their demographic data, general awareness regarding STH and general practices. Pilot testing was done to ensure the questionnaire’s reliability. The questionnaires, sealed individually for confidentiality and safety, were distributed to the respondents through a third-party courier. Upon data collection, the gathered data were then analyzed through descriptive statistics such as frequency count, mean, standard deviation and one-way ANOVA. The researchers established that the garbage collectors were generally unaware of STH, in aspects such as the causative agents, transmission, treatment, and signs and symptoms of the infection. It was also revealed that 64.2% of the respondents do not have a source of information which may be the rationale of such unawareness. Furthermore, it was found out that the number of working hours contributes a significant difference to the level of awareness of the garbage collectors regarding STH in terms of causative agent, transmission, and signs and symptoms.

First Advisor

Jion P. Dimson