Correlation between cotinine and total antioxidant capacity levels of selected cigarette smokers in Barangay Punta II, Tanza, Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science


Smoking, Cotitine, Antioxidants


This study utilized the correlational descriptive research design. Non-probability convenience sampling was used in selecting the 80 participants. Non-smoker (n=17), light smokers (n=24), moderate smokers (n=23) and heavy smokers (n=16) respondents were randomly selected from both male and female aged 18 and above, residing in Barangay Punta, Tanza, Cavite. Self-made questionnaire was used. Data was analyzed through frequency, mean, standard deviation and Pearson Correlation. The results of the study showed that respondent’s serum concentration of cotinine has a high significant correlation that respondent's serum concentration of total antioxidant capacity assay and correlation between cotinine and total antioxidant capacity assay that has both no significant correlations. These results suggested that total antioxidant capacity imbalance may de due to many factors affecting the increase or decrease of antioxidants in the body in false correlation.

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