Occurence of toxoplasma gondii among cats and presence of antibody among their owners in Blessed Ville, Barangay Sampaloc II, Dasmarinas Cavite, Philippines

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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science


Toxoplasma, Cats, Antibodies, Anti-Idiotypic


This study utilized the descriptive quantitative method in the identification of the prevalence of toxoplasmosis in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Using purposive sampling technique, 5mL of serum form 40 males and females (pregnant and non-pregnant) cat owners with the age range of 18 years old and above and stool samples from the owners' cats were collected. Data was gathered using self-made questionnaire. Data was analyzed through mean and standard deviation. The results of study showed that 4 out of 20 stool samples showed positive oocyst of toxoplsma godii using fecal floatation technique. One (1) out of 40 respondents showed positive results for IgM level using ELISA and 26 out of 40 were positive for IgG antibody. The study concluded that there were occurrences of toxoplasmosis in Blessed Ville, Barangay Sampaloc II, Dasmarinas, Cavite.

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