Determination of cotinine and serum kallikrein of cigarette smokers in Barangay Punta II, Tanza, Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science


Smoking, Cotinine, Kallikreins


This study utilized the descriptive-correlational research design. Using purposive sampling technique, 63 cigarette smokers and 17 nonsmokers were chosen in the range of 18-65 years old. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was used in order to measure and analyze the concentrations of serum enzymes kallikrein and cotinine. The results of the study showed that there is a significant difference between the levels of cotinine and kallikrein based on their demographic profile. There is no relationship between the levels of continine and kallikrein. The study concluded that tissue kallikrein biomarkers, along with clinical variables, may represent a diagnostic modality for lung cancer (Paper, 2015). The biomarker cotinine plays a part towards a high risk of having inflammation, periodontal disease (the swelling and bleeding of gums) and cardiovascular diseases among certain patients (Act, Act, Act & Service, 1968).

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