Antibacterial activity of Artocarpus heterophyllus (Jackfruit) seed extract against selected antibiotic-resistant bacteria

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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science


Antibacterial, Artocarpus heterophyllus, Jackfruit, Drug Resistance Bacteria, Complex Mixtures


The dried and powdered jackfruit seed were successively extracted with 95% ethanol. Phytochemicals testing of the extract was done to identify the constituents present. Different concentrations of the extract together with their respective positive and negative controls for each bacterium, was screened for their antibacterial activites using the disk diffusion method. Broth microdilution was used to determine the minimum inhibition concentration (MIC) and was confirmed by the determination of minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC). The results obtained from the study supports the conclusion that Artocarpus heterophyllus crude seed extract showed no remarkable effect against the selected antibiotic resistant bacteria.

First Advisor

Leonardo DG. Macam, RMT, MPH

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