Occurrence of Enterobius vermicularis infection among preschoolers on a selected barangay in Dasmarinas, Cavite : basis for a proposed control and preventive measures

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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science


Enterobius, Children


The study utilized experimental such as perianal scotch tape and fingernail scotch tape method in determining Enterobius vermicularis ova among pre-school children. Random sampling with substitution was used in this study by choosing only 80 out of 100 children ages 3-7 years old that residing on a selected barangay and are studying in public schools, if the child was permitted by the parents/guardian to be tested the researchers searched for another subject. Questionnaire or survey forms were given to assess their hygienic practices to correlate if it is the reason of having enterobiasis, consent forms were also distributed to have the parents or guardians signed for the approval of their child's specimen collection. Data was analyzed through frequency distribution and percentage. The results of the study showed that overall occurrence of E. vermicularis in pre-school children was 27.80% in perianal scotch tape method and 13.70% in fingernail scotch tape method. The study concluded that there is occurrence of enterobiasis on the selected barangay in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Even the preschool children have a proper hygiene, they can still acquire Enterobius vermicularis infection because of its several modes of transmissions.

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