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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science


COVID-19 Pandemic, Online Learning Modalities, Online Laboratory Classes, Online Internship


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit every age, gender, and social status, and has halted operations all over the world. It caused a disruption not only in the health sector, but also in the educational sector, with no exception to the Philippines. This study established the foundation on how COVID-19 impacts the accession of medical technology students to knowledge and what affected them when it comes to practice. The focus of the study were Medical Technology graduates in Cavite who transitioned into online modalities during internship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The study aimed to gauge the practices of online distance learning in setting up the Medical Technology students for the work field, identify the factors that hinder their preparedness, ascertain the advantages and disadvantages of online learning, and determine how the identified factors can contribute to their preparedness. This study utilized open-ended survey questionnaire with questions that aimed to obtain unbiased data from the respondents. The significant factors that affected the preparedness of the Medical Technology Graduates in the work field were found to be knowledge, on-site internship, and skills. Findings of the study suggests that Medical Technology students from the selected Cavite schools have trouble studying in an online environment due to variables that make it difficult for them to apply what they have learned into a real-world setting. Based on the data gathered, it is concluded that the preparedness of the Medical Technology Students in the work field is greatly affected by online-based learning.

First Advisor

Jenny S. Gayondato