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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science


Online Learning, Mental Health, Medical Laboratory Science Students


This study investigated how students from De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute's College of Medical Laboratory Science (CMLS) view the effects of online learning on their mental health. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on people's lives, forcing them to adjust to the abrupt move from face-to-face to online classes as part of the effort to reduce viral transmission. There are much more female respondents than males. With statistical analysis, a descriptive study with a quantitative approach was used to acquire, explain, analyze, and interpret information about the perceived effects of online learning on the mental health of MLS students. The researchers used Google forms to collect information about the participants' demographics, such as gender, age group, birth order, number of gadgets, and internet connection, using the purposive sampling method. The study supervised the data analysis by correlating it to the research questions presented. The questionnaire contained 17 items in the form of Likert scale-type questions. Future researchers will be able to use this research as baseline, with the following recommendations to deepen and broaden the understanding of the study itself, based on the findings and conclusion that there are no significant differences in the perceived effects of online learning on the mental health of MLS students when grouped according to sex, age group, birth order, number of gadgets owned, and internet connection. Overall, the results showed that the perceived effects of online learning in the mental health of the students fall under the neutral classification.

First Advisor

Amapola DG. Puaso