Isolation, purification and partial characterization of Cynometra ramiflora leaf extracts

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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


Anti-bacterial Agents.


In this study, the chemical constituents of the leaf extracts were isolated, purified and partially characterized using chemical and spectral methods of analysis. Crude extracts were yielded via sequential solvent extraction with petroleum ether, dichloromethane and ethanol. Phytochemical tests were done to determine the presence of chemical constituents of interest. The DCM crude extract was further purified using normal phase silica gel column chromatography and thin layer chromatography where the purified isolates were characterized using UV-Vis and FT-IR analysis confirming the presence of terpenes. The total phenolic and total flavonoid content were determined in the DCM and ethanol crude extracts. Finally, all crude extracts were tested for microbial activity in different dilutions wherein only the ethanol crude extract (50mg/mL) showed weak inhibition against Staphylococcus aureus (11.33±2.31 mm).

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