Isolation and partial characterization of antibacterial proteins from Eleusine indica Linn. Leaves

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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


Anti-Bacterial Agents.


The antibacterial proteins (ABPs) from the leaves of Elusine indica were isolated and partially characterized through preliminary chemical tests, Bradford assay, SDS-PAGE and Kirby Bauer Method. The ABPs were isolated using the extraction buffer which is Tris Buffer, the resulting supernatant is then termed as crude extract and was subjected to ammonium sulfate precipitation, dialysis and freeze drying procedures; the resulting sample is then termed as dialyzed protein extract and was used for analysis. The total protein concentrations of the crude and dialyzed protein extracts for every 0.05 mL were 0.2477 mg/mL and 0.06785 mg/mL respectively. The isolated ABPs in the study have a potential for inhibiting the grown of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The statistical significance of the zones of inhibition of the extracts have been verified by one-way ANOVA with a p-value of less than 0.05 and multiple comparisons from Tukey's Honest Significant Difference Test with results that showed that at varying concentrations, the crude and dialyzed protein extracts exhibit varying potency against the bacterial strains.

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