Antimicrobial activity and total phenolic and flavonoid contents of Medinilla magnifica Linl. leaf extracts

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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry




Medinilla magnifica Lindl is a tropical evergreen shrub known for its unusual flowers. Phenolic and flavonoid compounds are phytochemicals that are structurally diverse and accumulates in relatively high amounts in plants. In this study, the phytochemicals from Medinilla magnifica Lindl. leaf extracts have been qualitatively and quantitatively characterized and its antimicrobial activity have been evaluated. Phytochemical screening showed that terpenes, tannins and phenolic compounds are present in all extracts (PE, DCM, EtOH), flavonoids are only present in EtOH crude extracts while glycosides, saponins and alkaloids are present in PE and DCM extracts. Through chemical assays, ethanolic extract (33.57 ± 0.2257 mg GAE/g crude) was found to have the highest total phenolic content followed by DCM extract (22.07 ± 0.3773 mg GAE/g crude) and lastly, PE extract (17.04 ± 0.7366 mg GAE/g crude) and the ethanolic extract have a 27.86 ± 0.4822 mg QE/g crude total flavonoid content. Furthermore, minimum inhibitory concentrations of all extracts against three representative microbes were also identified and based on the obtained results, M. magnifica can be considered a source of possible antimicrobial compounds.

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