Antidiarrheal effects of a commercially available probiotic drink on ICR albino mice (Mus musculus var. albino)

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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


Castor Oil.


The objective of this study is to determine the efficacy of the selected commerciallt-available probiotic drink in alleviating disblance in the gut, to evaluate the probiotic ability to thrive in the gut and lastly, to compare the antidiarrheal effects of the selected commercially-available probiotic drink with the standard drug loperamide. The Lactobacillus case strain in the commercially-available probiotic drink has undergone characterization after it has been isolated. Gram stain, cell morphology determination, oxidase test and catalase test were done for characterization and acid tolerance test for evaluation for acidic environment survival. Castor-oil-induced diarrhea test was performed in mice following administration of probiotics, loperamide or vehicle. Probable action mechanisms were evaluated using enteropooling and charcoal meal transit tests. Based on the results of the experiment, it can be concluded that the strain found in the probiotic drink can thrive in an acidic environment. The efficacy of the selected commercailly-available probiotic drink in alleviating disbalance in the gut, in comparison with the drug Loperamide, is not as promising as the latter, but, the chosen probiotic drink showed an activity and confirmed an efficacy in managing diarrhea.

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